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Advanced Colour Selection and Customisation in Sketches School

18th February 2024

Jacob Woolcock


Discover how to unlock the full potential of your colour palette in Sketches School with this QuickTip for iPad. Learn the secrets to expanding your colour selection, fine-tuning shades, and even incorporating hex codes for the perfect match. Dive into the art of colour customisation to elevate your digital artwork to new heights.

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Sometimes when you’re working in Sketches School and you’re making a beautiful piece of art, you can feel a bit limited by the choice of colours on offer on this sidebar. Now, when you tap the square in the bottom corner, and you do get all those colours come up, that’s a nice selection but not always the one I want. Well, did you know if you tap and hold, so do a long press on any of those colours, you can actually adjust it to make a different shade of that colour? But there’s actually more as well.

If I push the little slider back in the top corner of my screen, I can really fine-tune the colour I’ve got, even down to typing in the six-digit hex code. Now, I’ve made a video already about how you can extract the hex code of a colour from a photograph, so you can choose the best colours from that picture. And if you have one of those, all you have to do is type in that six-digit code here, and then when you come out of the screen, your beautiful colour will be ready to use in whatever tool you want in Sketches. It’s cool. If you want some more tips for your iPad, please do subscribe to my channel down below. There are loads more tips to help you make the most of that device you use every single day.

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