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Turn your Photos into iMessage Stickers with Sticker Drop

25th September 2022

Jacob Woolcock



Sticker Drop is an awesome new app that will take your Photos and turn them into iMessage Stickers in literally a couple of seconds. It takes advantage of the new iOS 16 Image Tools to extract the subject from a photo and then using the Share Sheet you can make it into a Sticker and customise exactly how it looks – right down to the Drop Shadow and Border Colour!

You can download Sticker Drop here:

Sticker Drop is a fantastic new app for your iPhone that will let you make iMessage Stickers out of any photograph.

So let’s open the App up and straight away you’ll see I’ve built quite a library of Stickers that I’ve made from my own photographs – whether that’ll be my LEGO models or some animals in my family.

And these look like really cool iMessage Stickers with that white outline and drop shadow.

Now it’s super easy to make your own Stickers out of your own photographs, so let’s jump into Photos and see how it works.

Here I’ve got a nice image of one of my LEGO Robots and if I tap and hold on the image (the subject of the image) then iOS 16 will extract that for me.

When I let go with my finger I’ll get that white light that traces around the outside of my subject, and that means I’m ready to go.

All I need to do is press Share on the menu button and then I need to choose Sticker Drop.

If it’s not here in your recently used Apps, swipe all the way to the end and add it yourself.

From here we’re going to customise our Sticker before we save it into our library – which is a good time to mention that if you want some more tips for your iPhone or perhaps even your iPad you can Subscribe to my channel down below.

There are hundreds of videos just like this to help you make the most of your technology.

So at the top you can see a live preview against a sample message and you can see what that Sticker will look like.

Then we need to give it a Description.

This is so users who use VoiceOver, who perhaps have visual impairment, can still understand what the Sticker is.

I’m going to type in LEGO Robot and then I can go down and customise how the Sticker will look.

Do I want the border to be thicker or thinner?

Maybe a different colour?

I can turn off my Drop Shadow as well.

Or I can give the Sticker a curled corner to make it look a little bit more 3D?

And when I’ve added it, all I have to do is come out of Photos and then I can go into Messages and start using it straight away.

In Messages simply use the Application Bar and swipe sideways until you find Sticker Drop.

And then from here you should find that Sticker you’ve just created, plus all your other ones.

You can organise by mini sub-library, so I’ve got one for animals and one for LEGO at the moment, and I can tap between the icons to filter just those Stickers.

And then simply tap and drag and drop it on a Message, just like any other Sticker.

That’s it!

With this App you can now make Stickers out of absolutely anything and use them in your Messages today.

Make sure you Subscribe down below, because there are hundreds more tips for your iPhone and your iPad waiting for you there.

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