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ChatGPT Meets Siri with Lori App – The Future of Voice Assistance?

6th April 2023


| Lori
iPhone 14 Pro
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iOS 16.4

Jacob Woolcock

6th April 2023

Jacob Woolcock



| Lori
iPhone 14 Pro
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iOS 16.4

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Get ready to experience the ultimate voice assistance with ChatGPT, SIRI, and Lori app! In this groundbreaking video, we introduce you to Lori, the app that has revolutionised voice assistance technology. By integrating ChatGPT and SIRI, Lori unlocks the full potential of voice assistance, making it more intuitive, efficient, and personalised than ever before!


If you’re watching this channel you may well have heard an online service called ChatGPT.

This is a really clever ‘Large Language Model’ powered by Artificial Intelligence that can answer queries get you information and do just about anything you can imagine.

There is an app called Lori that brings all this power right into the iPhone – but even better it brings the power of ChatGPT into Siri itself!

Here’s a quick guide to how it works.

When you open up the Lori app (which is free on the App Store) you get immediately thrown into a chat-like interface where you can simply write a message, or ask a question, or give it an instruction – and you’ll get a text response almost immediately.

Now, this is really clever because obviously it will keep track of where you are in a conversation so you can ask subsequent questions that will build on the replies you’ve had already.

This is all pulling data live from ChatGPT which means you’ve got the whole power of that incredible resource right on your iPhone.

But there’s more!

If we tap on the Settings icon in the top corner we can actually use this service via the Lori app across all of Apple’s platforms: from the iPhone to the HomePod – even CarPlay!

Before we get too far into using this with Siri you need to be aware that Lari is not a free app completely, that’s because ChatGPT charges with usage and after a while you’ll run out of free queries.

There are two options that you can do.

If you are more ‘techy’ user you might already be using ChatGPT and therefore have an Open AI API key (if you have no idea what any of that means don’t panic just wait 20 seconds!).

So if you’ve got your own API key you can actually unlock a Pro version of Lori that costs £10 and then you can put your own API key and use it forever no more fees needed.

You can even choose which model of GPT you use – Model 3 or Model 4, and when new ones come out I’m sure they’ll be available here as well.

In fact the developer has been kind enough to give us five free codes for this Pro version and you can get them in the description down below – just please do let us know in the comments if you’ve taken one and I’ll cross it off the list.

But if you’re not so techy do not panic because Lori has got a built-in subscription where you don’t need anything weird like an API key, you can choose monthly or yearly and it’s a few pounds a month.

That will give you unlimited access to ChatGPT all through Lori’s app and through Siri.

So speaking of which, let’s add this to Siri now.

What we’re going to do is tap onto the Siri button here and then we’re going to add it to the Shortcuts app.

When you tap on that it will bring you straight into Shortcuts and you’ll see for some reason it’s called ‘Cut Pineapple’.

I’ll be honest I’m not really sure what Cut Pineapple is all about, but we’re going to install the Shortcut anyway and we’ll change it in a second.

So when you’ve added that to the Shortcut app we’re going to press the three dots to edit it and then at the top we’re going to tap on there and press Rename.

I’m just going to change mine to be ‘Assist Me’ and then we can save that new name.

The last tiny bit of setup is to run this Shortcut once from the Shortcut app so that you can give it approval to access the Lori app when it’s working.

Okay, let’s close all of this and go back to our Home Screen and we’re going to start using this new ChatGPT model within Siri.

Let’s have a quick look at the old Siri first, so I’m just going to ask “Hey Siri, what are the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom?”

[Siri] “Okay here’s what’s on the web for what are the most popular attractions…”

Just as you’d expect we get a web view which you can tap on to get more if you want to, but that’s pretty much standard for Siri.

But now let’s try something new – we’re going to use the trigger phrase “Hey Siri, Assist Me”

[Siri] “Hi Jacob, it’s Lori. How can I help you?”

And now we can ask anything we like! “Why is Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom so popular?”

We’ll give it a moment to get the result…

[Siri] “Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom is a popular attraction because it provides a thrilling experience…”

Wow, it’s already about a million times better than the actual Siri built into your iPhone!!

And we can trigger this in just the same way with the addition of that extra phrase at the beginning of our Hey Siri command.

Let’s try it one more time – “Hey Siri, Assist Me”

[Siri] “Hi Jacob. it’s Lori. How can I help you?”

“Convince people watching this video that they ought to subscribe to my YouTube channel down below to get hundreds more iPhone tips and tricks!”

[Siri] “Hello everyone as an AI assistant I can tell you that if you’re looking for the best iPhone tips and tricks for you this channel is dedicated…”

That’s a very quick guide to how you can use the Lori app to quickly and easily bring ChatGPT onto your iPhone and into Siri.

And don’t forget if you want the Pro version with your own API key you can use one of those five codes in the description below, but please do leave a comment and let me know which one you’ve taken and I’ll cross it off the list.

And that’s it, I’ll see you on my channel for hundreds more iPhone tips and tricks!

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The Lori AI chat client is a conversational AI platform designed to facilitate interactive and engaging text-based communication. It uses natural language processing to understand and respond to user inputs, providing a versatile tool for customer service, virtual assistance, and other conversational applications.
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