Automatic Medication Reminders

29th August 2022


| Health
iPhone 13 Pro
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iOS 16

Jacob Woolcock

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



| Health
iPhone 13 Pro
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iOS 16

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With iOS 16 you can set up Medicine Reminders in the Health app, which will then automatically remind you on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch to take your medication at the right time. You can choose the type and dose of medicine, the frequency and even learn if any of your medicines might have adverse reactions together. This simple-to-follow tutorial will show you how it all works so you can get up and running tracking your own medicine in the Health App.


There’s a new feature in the Health App that will remind you to have your medication so you don’t forget and fall behind.

Here’s how to get it set up and how to use it.

So on the bottom toolbar in the Health App I’m going to go to Browse and from here I’m now going to choose the new Medications category.

Now when you go on here at the moment there’s nothing there because you haven’t set any medications.

So let’s do that first of all by pressing Add a New Medication.

This will bring up a brand new process where you can then customise and add the medication you require.

In this example I’m going to add my daily multivitamins, so I’ll type that in as the name and then when I continue I can choose what form that medication takes.

Is it a capsule, or a tablet, or a spray – maybe a cream?

Mine’s a tablet so I’m going to tap onto that and then again press Continue.

The next step is to add in the strength of the medication.

I’m going to skip this stage, but if your medication does have a specified dose it’s worth adding it here because the Health App will automatically tell you if there are potential conflicts in your medication.

Then you’re going to add the frequency at which you have that medication.

There are some really clever options here, it’s not just every day or certain days a week.

You can have it to repeat every three days, or every Sunday, or every five days.

For me it’s once a day so I’m going to go on to every day – and I’m going to choose a time of day to remind me on my watch and my phone.

So for me 7.30am is perfect.

You can also change how many of the tablets ,or sprays, or whatever it is you need to have.

So for me it’s two multivitamin tablets, so I’ll just tap on that and change that.

Because of how the reminders work they’re very visual, and a big part of this is choosing the icon that looks most like the medication you’re taking.

There are loads of options here, but for me my tablets quite simple so I’m going to choose a circular one at the top.

Then on the next screen you can get a little bit creative with your medicine (because why wouldn’t you?!) and you can choose what colour you want the actual icon and the background shape to be.

I’m going to go for this nice red and blue combination because the tablets are red, and then I can press Next.

Finally, when you’ve confirmed those details are okay, you can press Done and that will then add this medication to the Health App for you.

There’s no limit to how many you can add, or you can have them reminding you at different times of the day for different types of medication.

When you’ve set this all up you’ll then get a little bar at the top full of circles and these circles will get coloured in as you take your medication just like this.

And how do you remember to take your medication?

Well if you’re wearing the Apple Watch you’ll get a reminder that buzzes on your wrist, and you’ll also get a notification on your iPhone just like this.

From here you can long tap and then you can mark the medications taken or you can ask it to remind you a little bit later on in the day.

And that’s how medication reminders work on iOS 16.

About Health
The Health app on iOS is a health and fitness tracking tool that consolidates data from various sources, such as fitness trackers, medical records, and manually entered information. It provides insights into a user's overall health, including activity levels, sleep patterns, and vital statistics, enabling users to monitor and manage their well-being effectively.
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