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Make your own AI Generated Profile Picture with [Video Tutorial]

3rd February 2023

Jacob Woolcock


Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and create your own unique and personalised AI generated profile picture in just minutes! Whether for your social media or professional use, stand out from the crowd with an awesome AI profile pic made by Learn how to create your own AI profile picture with this easy to follow, step-by-step guide, from start to finish. Discover the latest trend in profile pictures and elevate your online presence with an AI generated profile pic. Join the AI revolution and get ahead of the curve! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to create your own AI profile picture today!

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Today I’m going to show you how works.

This very clever app will take several of your selfies you’ve taken before and it will use them to create your own Magic Avatars – AI generated pictures – of you in various different situations or art styles.

it’s incredibly clever and it’s a really fun project to get stuck into.

so we’ll go to on Safari and, as you scroll down the page, you can get a bit of a flavour of what this AI can create.

Whether you’re male or female, or a couple – even if you’re a cat or a dog (or perhaps you’ve got a cat or a dog!) you can get loads of different photographs and images created in various different styles using your old photographs.

So we’ll get started and we’re going to tap on the top here to begin.

Now, you’ve probably just gasped a little bit and realised “Hang on Jacob, this isn’t a free service?!”

And no, unfortunately it’s not.

Yes it does cost a little bit of money to do this, but I think the results are worth it.

Check out the rest of the video first though and you can make your mind up for yourself.

I’ll also include a link in the description down below which will earn me a small amount of referral money if you were to follow it.

It won’t cost you any more, but it will help me grow my channel a little bit quicker – so please if you liked the video maybe use that link as well.

So when we’ve signed up and paid for this, we then have to choose the styles that we want to create.

Depending on the package that you’ve bought you can choose a different number of styles.

For me I’ve got up to 15 to choose from!

So if I scroll through this list I can simply tap and select the ones I’m curious about, and they’re the ones that will be created for me later on.

Whether it’s executive, or holographic, or cartoony – any of those styles that take your fancy you can choose at this stage.

If you don’t want to go through manually you can select randomly at the top, but then I kind of feel like you want to choose what you’re going to get.

When you’ve chosen all the styles that you want you’re going to press Continue at the top and from here it’s going to give you a couple of guidelines.

Essentially to get the best results you need to upload between 15 and 20 selfies, ideally as close to your face and in good lighting too where possible.

If they’re blurred, or a bit dark, or if you’re miles away then the program will reject them automatically.

But the more you upload (and the higher quality), the better results you’ll get.

So I’m going to choose some photographs from my phone by going to the Files app and here I just so happen to have a folder of images that I’ve pre-selected.

These are all fairly close up portraits of myself (in good lighting).

I’m going to select all of these pictures and then press Open and will begin uploading them for me – and it will tell you straight away if any have been rejected (and it’ll give you a reason as well).

So one of these are a bit too far away from the camera, but the other ones have all gone green sp they’re good.

These pictures are all deleted from their server after a week or so, so they’re not going to be stored there forever which is nice to know as well.

Now it will take a little while to do this, so perhaps while you’re waiting you might like to Subscribe to my channel down below?

I don’t know, that’d be a good use of your time I would say!

When you finish you can then continue to use these pictures.

Now at this stage you’re gonna have to go away and come back in a couple of hours, in fact it will email you when it’s done.

And what’s happening in the background is the AI model is learning your face from those pictures and then applying it to different styles and templates that you chose earlier.

It’s a very clever stuff!

Okay, jumping forward a few hours I’ve now had that email and my pictures are ready to go.

I’ll follow the link and then from here I can then view the results of the program.

I’ve got a huge gallery of pictures – slightly disconcertingly all of myself!

You’ll see straight away that some of these look really quite a lot like me, some of them not so much.

Sometimes the eyes, or the ears, or the mouth look a little bit odd, but really that is to be expected.

These haven’t been made by human, they’ve been made by a machine.

It’s kind of hard to remember that sometimes!

Now, as you go through you can have favourite pictures if you want to filter out the ones that you don’t like, or you can simply tap on them and download them – and that will open it in a new tab where you can simply tap and hold and Save Image.

You can even download an extra large version (which is like a 4K sort of size image) so you can use that for other things as well as just your profile pictures.

As I keep scrolling there are more, and more, and more pictures here covering a huge range of different styles.

In fact here are some of the ones that I like the most from the process that I’ve gone through here.

And you can try this as well! Y

es, it is paid for but it’s not a huge amount of money for the results that you get.

And remember if you follow that link down below in the description not only will you get to make your own profile pictures, but you’ll also help me raise a few pennies to help grow my channel as well.

And that’s it for this video – I’ll see you in the next one!

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